The Benefits of Walnut Laminate Flooring

Walnut laminate flooring can be a good alternative to hardwood flooring for several reasons. First of all, it is more environment-friendly. According to the United States Forest Service, American hardwoods are derived from natural forestlands that serve as the habitat for a highly diverse population of flora and fauna. While it is true that there is a sustainable program for managed forests and hardwood material, the consumption of the inventory should continue to be moderate. In this respect, other options like laminate flooring should be explored.

Compared to hardwood, wooden laminates have a lower environmental impact because they are not taken from the forest in the same manner as wood. Walnut laminates also prove to be more durable than hardwood. They are water-resistant and easy to clean. Walnut laminate floors are not as porous as hardwood floors that tend to absorb liquids and corrode over time. Because of the nature of their material, laminates do not change shape after continuous exposure to water.

With regards to health, wood laminates are ideal for those who are prone to allergies. The tiles’ synthetic, glossy surface makes it harder for the dust to adhere to them. The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (ACAAI) reveals that house dust is a common cause of allergies. While dust occurs almost everywhere, unkempt homes tend to have larger amounts of the offending allergen. With laminates, people can simply wipe small traces of dust away.

There is also the benefit of cost. Wooden laminate tiles tend to be cheaper than other kinds of flooring. The price for a good quality laminate is half the cost of wooden and ceramic flooring.

In terms of appearances, premium walnut laminates look almost like real wood. The trick is to be very meticulous when choosing a laminate tile pattern. A common problem most customers have when buying laminate walnut flooring is that they are chiefly driven by price; so much so, they ignore the flaws of the product. Laminate floors are affordable enough that even at a premium range, they are still cheaper than other types of flooring.

To make the selected walnut plank laminate flooring seem like the actual thing, two things must be considered: quality and installation. Pick the kind of laminate that is subtle and well crafted enough to look like real wood. Explore different shops and home depots to get a wider selection of laminate tiles.

Finally, the walnut laminate floor should blend seamlessly over the old floor. This process can be tricky, especially for novices who have never installed walnut laminate tiles before. It would help to have skilled professionals take care of the installation so that homeowners can enjoy their laminate floor for many years to come.