Factors You To Consider When Choosing Vinyl Siding Colors

The most exciting part of installing vinyl siding is deciding on the color. I’m pretty sure that many people would agree. It may be the most time-consuming phase too. When faced with the task of choosing vinyl siding colors, many people will find themselves lost in a pile of color chips at some point. Other people end up changing their minds many times before deciding on a final color. Perhaps if you focused your attention on five specific factors, the whole color decision process won’t be as difficult as other people come to believe it is. Let’s have a look at these factors:

The Style of Your Home

Your home’s style and design are absolutely important when considering a color for it. It will determine the look and feel of your home for years to come. It can even become the “brand” of your home. Try looking for color trends among homes whose styles are similar to yours. Pictures will help you visualize the look that you want for your home.

Your Neighborhood

Many people want their homes to stand out; others don’t. Either way, you wouldn’t want your home to stand out in a bad way. You should pick a color that lets your home “mesh” well with its neighbors but not necessarily is invisible. The key is to stand out but blend well. Again look for color trends among houses in your neighborhood. Find a color that’s a few shades higher or lower than what’s common in your neighborhood. For instance, in a neighborhood where houses are all donning neutral colors, try picking a soft pastel yellow shade (not too bright).

Appeal to Other People

You’d want your colors to be liked by other people too, not just you. You may not be planning on selling your home anytime soon but just in case that day comes, you’d want your potential buyers to like its color.

Color Maintenance

Think about how much time you are willing to invest in preserving the color of your home. Consider the climate you live in. For instance, if you live in a place where the wind keeps blowing dust all over the place, white would probably be a bad idea.

Personal Taste

Your color choice may not necessarily affect your vinyl siding cost but if in the long run, the color of your home loses its appeal to you, you’re going to have to spend a lot of money reinstalling new siding. Of course, you shouldn’t leave your own preference out of the picking. Pick a color you love to look at. You are going to come home to that color every day so you better be happy about your final choice.