Essential Boiler Installation Tips And Safety Guidelines

RPH Ron’s Plumbing and Heating- Colwyn Bay, Worcester Bosch photography. Picture by Shaun Fellows / Shine Pix

Proper boiler installation is essential to preventing serious breakdowns and hazardous problems. If you don’t follow certain guidelines in gas boiler installation, these problems could possibly leave your home or your business without heat or hot water. That’s not all you need to worry about. Your combi boiler breaking down could cost you even more – the safety of your family or employers.

How can you protect yourself from these problems? Just make sure you take the steps required for a successful and proper combi boiler installation. Doing so can save you thousands of dollars in repairs or even in replacements. Combi boilers may not be super high-tech equipment, but they can cause you a great deal of expense and trouble if you don’t take them seriously.

Here are some gas boiler installation tips and safety guidelines that you might want to check out:

  • Make sure to adhere to all applicable standards and codes. Yes, there are government standards you need to follow, even if you’re just installing your boiler at home. One such set of standards is the ASME Controls and Safety Devices for Automatically Fired Boilers. If it’s implemented in your area, be sure you meet all requirements.
  • Monitor your contractor. If you hired someone to do boiler installations for you, you better monitor them. Not just for their progress but also for the quality of their work. Make a list of steps and work that your contractor needs to do and make sure that he follows through on each of them. Make sure he sticks to the priority list you’ve drawn and that he finishes the job completely.
  • Make sure that your contractor has sufficient experience working with the type of boiler you are installing. Some models are different than others.

Sometimes, you might find contractors who have very little experience working with, for instance, combi boilers. For things like this, always go for experts. You don’t have the luxury of taking beginners and amateurs under your wing.